We’re building the future of healthcare
We believe that healthcare can be better.
Let’s build it together.
What we believe
People first
There’s nothing more personal than your health. Healthcare shouldn’t feel aseptic, stark, or cold. It can and should be warm, friendly, and approachable.
Affordable and accessible
You shouldn’t have to wonder what’s going to show up on our next medical bill. We believe that healthcare costs should be affordable, transparent, and easy to understand.
On your terms
Healthcare shouldn’t be confined to the four walls of the clinic. It should come to you on your schedule — whether that be on the evenings or the weekend.
Technology super-powered
We believe in using best-in-class technology to give superpowers to make healthcare fast, frictionless, and efficient. Less time wasted on administrative work means more time with patients.
What we’re building
Let’s make it better together.
We're hiring people who are excited to build the future together